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Chocolate Wedding Favors?

I am planning on getting married next year and while we are definitely doing Jordan almonds just for the traditional aspect, I want to also give out candy or chocolate as well. I do not think that we can afford to do a candy buffet as that was my original idea, so what else can I do? I would love to give out Hershey's kisses and Jelly Beans (or some other kind of candy for those that don't like chocolate). Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Our wedding colors are eggplant, lilac, and silver if that helps any.

Chocolate Wedding Favors?
Actually, I don't think a candy buffet would be terribly expensive. I am planning on doing one for my wedding in March. I'd get some cellophane baggies at Michaels, and then some simple ribbon, and then have everyone fill up their own bags. You can look into Sam's or Costco for very inexpensive candy options. I know you can get a 5lb bag of gummi bears for I think $8. Get maybe 6 options, and you're looking for about $200ish - way cheaper than personalized gifts for each person. And think about it, not everyone will want to use the candy station, so that will also save money.

I know I've seen a few sites where you get ribbon with you name and date on them...cute idea!
Reply:I think alot of people like M%26amp;M's so if you go to this site you can custom make M%26amp;M's for your guest saying things like JUST MARRIED or your names on the M%26amp;M's and you can also pick the colors you want
Reply:I would do Hersheys kisses and eggplant and lilac colored jelly beans. Another idea is to do a custom M%26amp;M mix in your colors it could be really cool.
Reply:A good candy to give out at a wedding is either sweethearts (the ones in the shape of a heart with little messages on them)

Or cinnimon hearts

;) Hope I helpped!

Oh, and if it isn't until next summer you can get both of those pretty inexpencive right (RIGHT) after valentines day, and you can also get chocolate hearts wrapped in foil paper ;)
Reply:You can get M%26amp;M's with your names %26amp; date written on them and in customized colors.

this is pretty cool have them in wine glasses or vases as a centerpiece and guests can pick at them instead of having more favors to worry about, you have your chocolate and centerpieces in one with out having to worry about leftover centerpieces
Reply:where r u located, im in nyc? are you interested in hiring me to make your wedding favors? i am a do-it-yourself kind of gal and wish to get good referrals.
Reply:Go to you local candy store and see what they have to offer. I'm doing chocolate and they cost me a .25 per piece and they will be wrapped and set on the guest plates. You can also go to places like Wal-Mart or your local grocery store and get monogram cookies done for cheap.
Reply:you can make little bags for the candies by wrapping in colored cellophane or netting and tying with ribbon to match your colors. You can also buy wraps with your names and the date on them for the little hershey miniatures. You can do a chocolate fountain with a variety of fruits cut up, or chocolate covered strawberries(many bakeries can do these in the shape of a bride and groom with dress and tux) you can also make small chocolates by using molds that come in a variety of shapes. Congrats.
Reply:for your chocolate loving guests you can custom order M%26amp;Ms with your wedding colors and even your initials stamped on them. For those non-chocoholics, try some elegant wedding mints. You can find places that customize those as well.
Reply:M%26amp;M's lets you personalize the messages, and Hershey's lets you replace the wrapper from "HERSHEY'S" to "HERETHEYARE" and the then the name of the Bride and Groom below. They're great. Go to their websites for more info.

Good Luck.

breast cyst

Food tests....plz urgent?

why does protein give off a purplish - lilac precipitate when KOH is added to it? does it have any relation to its bonds and type of bonding? ...if so plz elaborate....

Food tests....plz urgent?
Under alkaline conditions substances containing two or more peptide bonds form a purple complex with copper salts in the reagent.

Sorry I can't be more specific, this is all I know.

beauty quotes

I am looking for a candy stripe nylon button through 3/4 length overall?

3/4 sleeves two side pockets just like dot cotton in east enders ! very lightweight widely available in 70's/80's sold in blue/pink/lilac/green candystipe or check

I am looking for a candy stripe nylon button through 3/4 length overall?
Have you tried looking on ebay, or maybe charity shops?

skin color charts

Carpet colour?

my room is having a complete makeover. im having 2 walls lilac and 2 reddy- pink. what colour carpet should i get? any websites or stores? thanks xx

Carpet colour?
I'd do grey, tan or offwhite.
Reply:Get something with a pattern on it, like leopard print. It that's not your style, try a more neutral color like light beige to make a more feminine room.
Reply:get a neutral color, like white or light beige. pbteen has good ones and so does sears.


How should i decorate my room ?

Ok Im 12 years old and my mums doing my room up. I dont know how to have it. I have currently got lilac wallpaper with pink %26amp;%26amp; silver hearts on it but its getting boring old and mouldy. I dont know what to have. Paint or wallpaper what colours any ideas or any sites ?

How should i decorate my room ?
Wallpaper is generally hard ( and a pain ) to remove! If possible and smooth enough go ahead and paint over it. I think lime ( light ) green and pale blues are calming and can go with anything! On hgtv there are all kinds of tv shows that show room makeovers for girls your age....there is a purple and blue themed room on that I absolutely love. Check it out!! Do It Yourself Inexpensive options are always there, but they take time! Good luck!
Reply:Go with your likes, hobbies, and favorite colors
Reply:definately paint...wall paper sucks. pick a theme that you like. if you like sports do a sports theme something like that.
Reply:wallpaper and paint sometimes peel off and if you paint it looks good but takes time and wallpaper looks good but you wont have the fun od doing it and you wouldnt be able to brag to your friends
Reply:great, cheap, and easy decorating ideas on

leave any and all questions on the guest book and I'll try my best to help! ;p

makeup tips

Halloween makeup and hair help?

im a fairy, and my outfit is "lilac" i hav eye liner and wings and eyeshadow(TWO shades), but i dont kno how to apply my liner and shadow so it looks good with my outfit. i also might get either decals, or paint flower on my face. I also dont kno what to do with my hair. it comes down to my lower back, is naturally curly, and takes two hrs to straighten. its also REALLY thick. its dark brown, and my eyes are really dark brown

please help me!

thx thx thx



Halloween makeup and hair help?
Of the fairies I've seen in magazines- the hair is usually pretty wild (maybe ratted?) For make-up, you should check out faces on wig packages, or even magazines. Natural would probably be the way to go-either pale or dark, according to your natural skin tone
Reply:Do purple eye shadow and put your hair in a bun adn put flower pins in it.
Reply:I would use some hair product to keep the curls in your hair.

For some hair ideas, I would suggest they way they did Padme's hair in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, in her funeral outfit. Her hair was out, all in curls with lots of small white flowers and some curling ribbon.

Here is a link:

for the makeup, I would do your own version of the makeup they do for Cirque du Soleil. Their makeup is always fabulous. I loved the makeup for the Caterpillar/Butterfly in Varekai:
Reply:ok, first of all, a fairy's hair is supposed to look 'messy' because they don't have hairbrushes. (atleast according to popular human beleif.) So when you are about to get ready, wash your hair, then just pick on it. DON'T BRUSH IT OUT. Then, if you want to know how to put on eyeliner, Pull your eye so it's a little stretched out. Then, apply one fine line of eyeliner with a sharpened eye pencil. For eyeshadow, Use the darker shade form your eyelashes to your eye crease, then use the lighter one from the crease to the eybrow bone.

tax credit

** Can you write a sweet little BEDTIME STORY ABOUT A MOTHER GOOSE CHARACTER that includes ......?

these words, in ANY order?

Just for the sake of having fun.











** Can you write a sweet little BEDTIME STORY ABOUT A MOTHER GOOSE CHARACTER that includes ......?
A long time ago - long before you and I were even born - there was a little Old Lady who lived in a shoe. This little Old Lady was a little cranky, but she had BIG cause ... she had SOOOO many children, she didn't know what to do!! Nobody even knew who the father of these children was, although it was whispered that he was QUITE possibly the Old Man who lived on the other side of the world.

The little Old Lady was SO bitterly poor, so she had to work day in and day out in the fields, as well as tend to the harvest outside her home. Everyday the little Old Lady walked about 20 miles to town, as well, in order to sell what she had harvested. All this was to feed herself, as WELL as her little children. After a few years, the little Old Lady's body had become SOOOOO worn down and weary that she could hardly walk. One day the little Old Lady came in from the fields, and swooned across a cot ... where she remained ALL ... THAT ... NIGHT!! She couldn't walk, she couldn't cook, she couldn't even go to market the next morning!! At this point the little Old Lady's eldest son - who was ALso her favorite - approached her:

"Mother," he felt her head. "You're ill"!!

"Yes," she answered, her voice BAREly above a whisper. With that, she tried to push herself up.

"No, Mother," insisted Jack ... for THAT was his name, Jack. "I will take over for you. I'LL cook, I'LL clean ... AND I'll go to market for you"!!

So, Jack took over the chores for his younger brothers and sisters from then on. For the next few weeks, Jack cooked. For the next few weeks, Jack cleaned ... and, for the NEXT few weeks, Jack went to market. He tended to his mother, as well; but after a while, it was CLEAR that the little Old Lady was not getting better fast!! In fact ... she was getting WORSE!! All the rest of the children stopped dancing. They stopped playing, and they stopped merrymaking. Their faces grew long ... and longer ... AND longer ... Eventually, they started taking over some of the chores and duties around the shoe-house.

One day Jill - Jack's twin sister - hurried up to Jack while he was in the fields:

"Jack, Jack ... our mother's near death!! You MUST go, Jack"!!


"To the NORTH SIDE of NOWHERE, to the FARAWAY LAND of ILLUSIA ... where the flowers grow strong and tall, AND where life never ends".

"But, WHY?! To WHAT END"?!

"It's come to me in a dream ... There a great spring flows between two willowy trees, in the midst of a garden. At the edge of the garden, there sits three flasks ... the first one is golden, the second one is silver, and the third one is copper. Do not even LOOK at the first two, but grab the copper one!! Do NOT delay, do NOT look back ... but go STRAIGHT to that spring and fill it up!! Return straightway, and bring the flask to our mother ... this is from the Water Of Life".

"I will return straightway"!! Jack threw down the scythe he was holding, and raced to the barn to grab his faithful horse. He saddled up, and started out. Jill called after him.

"Jack, be nimble ... Jack be quick ... Jack, come back to us safe, licketty-split"!!

So Jack rode hard and swift, for days and days ... through rain, through sunshine, through wind and through heat; he never stopped. By the third day, he was bone-tired and exhausted!! When he came upon a deep forest, he fell off his horse, and had drifted into a DEEP sleep before he'd even hit the ground!! That night he slept hard, but he didn't sleep peacefully. He dreamt that the little Old Lady was calling out, miserably, to him. He awoke the next morning with a start; the sun was shining brightly on his face.

Within a few minutes he was on his way again. By that afternoon, Jack had reached the edge of the forests. And, there he saw a great garden looming up before him. He walked a few paces, and THERE he saw the three flasks. The golden flask called out to him; however, he passed it up. The silver flask SCREAMED out to him ... he passed that up also, until he came to the copper flask. It just sat there. He reached out and scooped it up.

As he walked forward inTO the garden, the aroma of lilacs assaulted him. A few steps later, he heard a songbird; the SWEETest sound he'd ever heard. He paused, and almost turned around to listen. However, Jill's words rang in his mind: Do NOT delay, do NOT look back ... but go STRAIGHT to the spring and fill it up!! He straightened up and continued forward. About an hour later, in the midst of the garden, (right in the HEART of the garden), he heard a faint, familiar voice ... that grew stronger and stronger. He raced forward, quicker. At the other edge of the garden, he SPOTTED it!! Two tall, willowy trees, with a beautiful spring flowing between them!! Right before he reached the trees, the voice assaulted him:

"Jack ... Jack, my boy"!!

"Mother"?! He almost turned around. However, his faithful horse sprinted forward, determined not to stop!! At the spring, Jack filled up the flask; then he jumped back on his faithful horse, and they were off again!! The voice kept following him, more and MORE urgently, until they'd almost reached the other end. Almost into the forests, the voice changed!! Jack heard a loud, THUMP THUMP!!! He turned around on his faithful horse ... just in time to see an OLD HAG plummeting after them!!!


In GREAT fear, he turned back around, almost dropping the flask, spilling half of the water!!

They raced through the woods, never stopping ... it took about a day and a half to reach home again!! The children ran up, happily, to greet their brother; Jack went imMEDIately to their mother. Her face was hollow, cowslip yellow, and dripped great beads of perspiration ... and she was moaning and groaning in pain. Jack pulled the flask from out of his pocket and pressed it to his mother's lips. With the first sip, her eyes opened!! Jill used part of the water to prepare an herbal tea; with the first sip of the herbal tea, the little Old Lady smiled; with the SECond sip, she sat up!! And, with the final draw, she stood on her own!! With the rest of the magical water, Jill prepared an herbal tea for all of them!! And with the FINAL DROPS of water, Jack sprinkled them over their mother's feet and, PRESTO!! Her legs grew YOUNG and STRONG once again ... and she danced around the shoe-house, singing ... and singing ... and singing!!

That VERy night, the copper flask filled with LITTLE GOLDEN PEARLS ... and that ALways replenished itself!!!

And they all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!










PRESTO! I the SONGBIRD will be as FARAWAY as a WHISPER, with the mere-ENERGY of this LILAC-bush.

A little-bit WILLOWY, wouldn't you say, songbird, WHISPER-energy requires a THUMP-THUMP bust not a lilac-bush. The WEARY-eagle, told me just yesterday; I the owl, will now whisper off to my HERBAL-TEA, if it pleases you, so. If not, good day anywhoooo!

What will become of our hero's Songbird and Owl; tune in next story-time when:

1) Owl whispers first for Energy-soup.


2) Songbird, drinks Tea, and can't quit singin' the whoooo'ss


same song and bird-dance channel

same song and bird-dance time.

-excelsiorrrr Whoooo???-


now a word from our sponsors.
Reply:X 1 PRESTO










I'd been trudging through the green forest for a while, and so I was [3] weary, just completely without [6] energy. From somewhere nearby, I could hear the trill of a [10] songbird, and a floral scent, reminiscent of a [8] lilac in bloom, perfumed the air. It was a warm summer day.

I put down my bindle, thinking I'd just rest a moment... but, no sooner had I dropped my head onto the bindle, [1] presto! I was far, [2] faraway, in dreamland.

"Wake up, Emu," a voice came to me softly, in a [4] whisper. I opened my eyes. Oh my goodness! It was Mother Goose herself, with a snow-white gander on a short leash. She was slender, almost [5] willowy, despite her age.

I wasn't in the forest any more... I was in a place surrounded by the folk of nursery rhymes! [7] Thump thump, went the pendulum of the grandfather clock, with a mouse running up inside the case. Off in the distance, I could see Bo Peep looking for lost lambs, and old King Cole was holding court. The crescent moon was up, and... yes, there was a tiny far off cow jumping over it!

As Jack and Jill came rolling past, Jack pushed his bucket into my hands. It contained [9] herbal tea.

My left foot was itching, so I pulled off my shoe... revealing a miniscule old woman and a score or so of tiny children!

A little dog was pointing and laughing at me, while a cat played fiddle for King Cole... but I knew things were getting strange when I saw a dish running away with a spoon!

From somewhere nearby, a sparrow was saying "I, with my little bow and arrow."

An egg fell onto my head... and I awoke, back in the forest again, but with this strange rhyme running through my mind:

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty two inches tall!

He fell off the wall, and cracked his shell.

Poor little egg, I wish him well.
Reply:Not too long ago in a not so FARAWAY land, there lived a WILLOWY, dark-haired Pretty Princess. She loved to sit in the LILAC garden of her palace (which was really just a 20-room home with a turret) each morning as she sipped her HERBAL TEA. This special ginseng and lemon tea, which came highly recommended by her yoga instructor and tai chi master, gave her the ENERGY she needed to perform her duties as the Pretty Princess each day (those duties being unknown to most people in the household and of which there never was any evidence to behold).

One particulary lovely morning, as the sun shone down warming her, the tiny SONGBIRD who had left for the winter returned (though the Pretty Princess knew it was a brief return as the weather had its spell of a few typical warm days this time of year which would only be followed by extreme cold once again). The little bird would entertain her in her peaceful garden with a melodious tune, the likes of which had never be heard elsewhere. As the sweet Pretty Princess, who was really just a spoiled rich kid whose dad called her "my Pretty Princess," sat there enjoying the peace and the song, she suddenly heard, "THUMP THUMP." It rather annoyed her. Then it came again -- "THUMP THUMP." She was really annoyed this time. "THUMP THUMP" and finally she looked up and saw her current Prince approaching with a wide grin on his face. Irked and WEARY from his noisy, lumbering approach, she kissed him on the forehead and WHISPERED "Frog" in his ear. PRESTO! As he hopped away, she smiled and once again went back to her tea, the peacefulness, and the song.

Moral of the Story: Don't walk in without calling first or ringing the doorbell (because even a Frog Prince doesn't want to be changed into a princely frog by the Pretty Princess).