Monday, April 20, 2009

What month do lilacs bloom??

and how long do they stay in bloom???

What month do lilacs bloom??
Lilacs do not bllom by month they and so do all other plants bloom by weather. Lilacs are one of the first flowering bushes/shrubs to bloom just after the forcythia. Lilacs stay in bloom about 2-3 weeks unless they get really hot weather then they go quicker. If you want more Lilacs each year wait until all the blooms are dead pluck them all off and next year tyou will have more than the last!! This is becasue the plant knows after you have removed the dead blooms it now can send it%26#039;s energy to growing new shoots for next years blooms!!!
Reply:Depending on where you are, they usually bloom in Late May or early June. They will bloom for about a week or so.
Reply:It depends on the weather. They are in bloom here in lower Michigan in April/May and in the Upper they bloom in June. They stay for about a week or two.

Note: if you prune them back they will not bloom. They don%26#039;t like to be trimmed.
Reply:Probably late May or early June is when the lilacs will come up.


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