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Are lilacs poisonous to cats?

I have a lilac bush outside and I would love to cut off the lilacs and bring in the house but I want to know if they are poisonous to cats first.

Are lilacs poisonous to cats?
Hi Debra M

The only reference I could find to lilacs and safe plants was one which stated that they are non toxic. This being said, the reference also cautioned not to let kitty over do, and to keep them out of reach to ensure their safety.

I am sure you are aware that just because a plant is safe for humans, it may not be so for cats. We eat onions, but I would not want to risk my cats%26#039; life by feeding them onions. We can eat grapes off the vine, but they are toxic to cats and dogs.

For your reference in the future I have listed Cat Fancier%26#039;s Association%26#039;s sites on safe and toxic plants.

For a list of toxic plants, visit:

For a list of safe plants, visit:

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Reply:I do not think they would be poisonous as they are not toxic to humans. I used to enjoy the sweet nectar of the flowers as a kid...and the fragrance is one I miss. If you have a regular veterinarian, he/she would have a book on toxicity that I am sure they would gladly look up lilacs in. If they don%26#039;t call your local Animal Emergency Clinic and ask. It is a standard in most clinics.
Reply:Here is a list of plants which are toxic to cats. Lilac isn%26#039;t on it. Check the list to see if you have any that are on it so your kitty is safe.

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